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PRD has over 90 year’s collective experience in the Building Industry – peace of mind when you are considering who to help you with your Investments.

More than anything PRD has a wealth of knowledge in unit developments; from small projects to major multi unit developments. We can cater for all of your needs all under the one roof, saving you TIME and MONEY. Whether you’re developing a single home on a strata title block lot or a multi-unit development, the process requires knowledge far greater than just building a standard suburban home.

To ensure that you generate the best return on your investment, it is critical to be well prepared from the outset. Too many times PRD have heard the horror stories and subsequent losses by forgetting to pay attention to very simple processes. Our team will make sure you understand all the issues that surround building projects from start to finish; PRD are with you all the way.

PRD will put your project through our tender system after we complete a thorough feasibility assessment. The tender process gives you the benefit of a selection of “Apples for Apples” prices, allowing you to make an informed decision on the best builders for you project. Once that process is complete, PRD will commence with compliancy submissions and following approval, you are underway.

PRD are dedicated to finding the best and most appropriate builders tailored to your specific needs. It’s as simple as that.

Save Time, Save Money!

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